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Should Flood Water Get Removed from Palm Beach Home Crawlspaces?

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

aerial view of palm beach Call SERVPRO to remove sea or floodwater from your Palm Beach home, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Standing water beneath your Palm Beach home can present several risks for the property and its occupants. 

While built to withstand as much of nature's forces as possible, properties in this area do not often have a suitable defense for rapidly developing flood damage. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond fast with mitigation solutions for your property.

Removing Water from the Crawlspace

Flood damage in Palm Beach properties can often be among the most challenging emergencies to handle. With a high volume of potentially contaminated water rushing into the space beneath your property, your crawlspace can contend with direct exposure concerns and degradation with prolonged standing water. Extraction is a critical need that can be challenging in this confined space. Some of the options include:

  • Truck-mount extractors
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Trash pumps
  • Wet vacuums

Muck-Out Cleaning and Mold Treatments

Mud, silt, and unknown solids and contaminants can be a hazardous situation underneath your large home. With many of these properties aging and unkept in the crawlspace, this exposure to harmful substances could spread quickly to impact the living space. Our cleaning technicians can shovel out debris and use wet vacuums to collect as much of the remaining solids as possible. We can coordinate efforts with your insurance carrier to maintain budget guidelines.

Is Crawlspace Encapsulation Worth the Money?

Because we offer a general contractor's license, there is much of the immediate repairs and reconstruction that we can complete immediately following restoration. Crawlspace encapsulation is a coordinated effort to prevent or mitigate flood damage by covering exposed surfaces with plastic sheeting and installing permanent water diversion equipment like sump pumps, drains, and a dehumidifier.

With flooding being a common threat to Palm Beach from surges or torrential rainfall, areas like the crawlspace of coastal homes can quickly become damaged. Our SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach team responds quickly to these emergencies (561) 588-9777.

How Can SERVPRO Clear Smoke Damage from Palm Beach Properties?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

duct vent debris and fire damage on roof SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup for Palm Beach properties. We clean the structure, HVAC system, and the contents.

We have surface and environmental cleaning approaches to preserve damaged Palm Beach residences.

Aging large homes can have many situations that allow for fire damage, from faulty wiring to kitchen flare-ups. When soot damage exists after these emergencies, our professionals quickly help with house fire clean-up.

Reducing the Circulation of Airborne Soot Particles

Creating a safer environment is vital to restoring fire damage in Palm Beach properties as soon as possible. Partially combusted materials produce soot and smoke particles that become aerosolized and move rapidly throughout the affected space. HEPA 500 air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators help trap harsh contaminants and assist in deodorization.

Treating Surfaces with Wet and Dry-Cleaning Approaches

Removing soot particles from surfaces involves a combination of cleaning approaches depending on the affected material and the composition of the soot damage. When surface cleaning with products is not effective, we can also try:

  • Dry ice pellet blasting
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Controlled demolition

Tracking Soot Migration Through the HVAC System

Soot can be an overwhelming presence when it is noticeable and accessible, but this can be an even more challenging hurdle when the migration of these effects deposit soot in harder-to-reach areas. Returns and vents can pull in soot and smoke particles to move these soils to several rooms of the house and leave the HVAC system coated as well. Our air duct cleaning team can work with HEPA vacuums and drill-powered brushes to clean affected areas. This process also improves IAQ indoor air quality.

Cleaning up after fire damage can often be a large undertaking and one of the greater restoration obstacles for experienced professionals like ours. With fast-spreading fire effects like odors, soot, and similar threats, the fast response of our SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach team is invaluable. We are ready to help 24/7 at (561) 588-9777.

Restoration and Repair After a Plumbing Leak in Palm Beach Properties

9/19/2021 (Permalink)

cast iron pipe burst, water spewing Contact SERVPRO to restore your water damaged Palm Beach property, "Like it never even happened."

Our experienced team recovers your damaged Palm Beach home when water damage gets discovered.

A situation as simple as a leaking plumbing connection could have widespread effects on one of the many large houses and smaller modern single-family properties in the neighborhood. When pressure regulators in the house fail or air gets in the line unexpectedly, the pressure can strain weak connections and leak to leaks and even bursts.

Controlled Demolition to Access the Breach

One of the first objectives for this type of water damage in Palm Beach homes is to access the damaged area of the plumbing. While shutting off water to the house can be done from places like the crawlspace, the drywall must still be removed to access the specific portion of the compromised pipe. We have a general contractor license to perform this controlled demolition where necessary. We understand that many homes have outdated plumbing that must be repaired or replaced as the situation dictates.

Water Removal and Cleanup

Prolonged leaks in the house can leave the most directly exposed areas contending with standing water and pooling. When caught early, this standing water does not typically exceed an inch or two, which can get managed quickly with wet vacuums, squeegee wands, carpet wands, and towels.

Thorough Drying Solutions Protect Aging Building Materials

Drying is one of the final restoration obstacles for homes and businesses after water damage. Because water does more than puddle on the surface of materials, more than air movers and dehumidifiers are often necessary to overcome the effect. Our team can also use special equipment like:

  • Low-profile centrifugal air movers
  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Floor drying mats

Whether the repairs and reconstruction are needed after water damage or the comprehensive restoration solutions our SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach provides, we are ready 24/7 to help. Call us today at (561) 588-9777.