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Fire Damage Remediation in Greenacres Happens Fast with SERVPRO

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

a chair on fire SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup for Greenacres properties. We are Here to Help.

How Do SERVPRO Techs Combat Odors During Fire Damage Restoration in Greenacres? 

Eliminating odors after fire damage to your Greenacres property is often a challenge for professional restorers like SERVPRO. As smoke odor particles are tiny, often microscopic, they can easily penetrate surfaces like drywall, wood, and fabrics. It causes the odor to linger on long after the fire is contained. 

SERVPRO understands that not all odor situations resulting from fire damage to Greenacres homes are alike and warrant different mitigation approaches. We have developed our deodorization strategies after carefully studying the science behind the permeation of odor molecules on various surfaces. Whether it is an actual odor caused by a real substance or an imaginary (psychological–phantosmia) odor stimulated by the given set of circumstances, SERVPRO technicians are always on top of things. We work hard to restore your property to a condition “Like it never even happened.”  

Basic Deodorization Steps 

Deodorization of a fire-damaged structure is especially complex as odor problems are unique and vary significantly from site to site. Although no single method can address all types of odor problems, SERVPRO technicians adhere to certain basic procedures in most cases. 

  • Removal of the odor source and the debris: SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians often remove the odor source rather than attempting to deodorize it after a fire damage incident. Hence, deodorization starts with the technicians removing burnt, charred material as quickly as possible. 
  • Cleaning the surfaces with odor-causing residues: Microscopic odor particles continue to generate odors after fire damage if the technicians don’t clean them quickly. SERVPRO technicians ensure that every surface or content exposed to the smoke residue gets cleaned to limit the odor problem. 
  • Recreating conditions that caused odor penetration: Odor particles can travel by convection currents created in the air by the heat of a fire incident. Sometimes, it is essential to recreate the conditions that led to the spread of the odor particles so that the deodorizer molecules can reach and effectively neutralize the odors. SERVPRO technicians often fog the areas with a mist of deodorizer to seek out the odor vapors that have penetrated porous surfaces. 
  • Sealing the surfaces that have been exposed to malodors: Although sealing is not required in most fire damage situations, SERVPRO technicians might use this technique if odor removal is too expensive or impractical. Painting drywall or sealing inaccessible duct surfaces in air handling systems are the two common situations that exemplify this technique.  

Type of Deodorants Commonly Used 

SERVPRO technicians have a battery of deodorants to combat odors in a fire-damaged structure. Most situations require more than one type of deodorizing action. However, the most common types of deodorants that SERVPRO technicians use in Greenacres homes include the following:

  • Masking agents: Rather than eliminating the fire and smoke odors, masking agents cover the malodors with a pleasant fragrance. SERVPRO technicians use these to combat imaginary odors. 
  • Pairing agents: Pairing agents combine with odor-causing molecules chemically, changing their chemical structure and rendering them odorless in the process.  
  • Adsorption agents: Chemicals like activated charcoal work by capturing the odor gasses from the air and holding them onto their surface.
  • Enzyme digesters: Enzymes are excellent in breaking down the structure of organic odor-causing molecules such as proteins to odorless products like CO2 and H2O. 
  • Oxidizers: Ozone generators work by oxidizing odor-causing molecules generated in a fire incident rendering them odorless.

SERVPRO technicians work tirelessly to ensure that your fire-damaged home is restored to the preloss condition as quickly as possible. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and our technicians are always ready to answer any question you might have. Call SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach at (561) 532-2770.

The Need for Rapid Fire Damage Restoration in Palm Springs Properties

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

B&A fire damage in ceiling Fire damaged home in Palm Springs? Call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration in Palm Spring Homes

 A fire can start in many ways, the most common being from cooking and electrical appliances. Responding quickly to the damage left can help salvage many of your belongings and save your home from further damage. Restoration experts should focus on how pervasive the damage is throughout your Palm Springs home and offer an actionable plan to restore your property to preloss conditions.

Cleaning upholstery and household equipment are some of the main tasks professionals tackle during fire damage restoration in a Palm Springs home. The smoke residues that cause the soiling have different properties. Some are dry and thus loosely attached to the materials, while others are wet and deeply embedded on surfaces. Wet soot can be an absolute nightmare to clean since most attempts lead to the residue being smeared everywhere.

Integrated services during the process

  • Debris clean up
  • Cleaning contents
  • Soot and odor removal

Quick restoration measures

Cleaning up after a fire entails removing debris, soot, and smoke from surfaces. Soot gets trapped in carpet fibers, etched into glasses, and collects on the covers of household equipment. Without proper restoration, your items could be permanently damaged. Also, if firefighters used water to quell the fire, residues set. Restoration can achieve by drying out and thoroughly cleaning the different surfaces, areas, and household equipment.

SERVPRO takes rapid measures like vacuuming the affected areas and covering your upholstery to prevent further damage. Our team uses powerful fans to move smoke away from the house, thus preventing it from settling on surfaces.

Ways that soot can impact your home

  • Staining
  • Corrosion
  • Smell

SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach uses expert techniques during fire damage restoration to recover any damaged belongings and your walls, floors, and carpets. Call us at (561) 559-5636. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Odor Control And Fire Restoration in Palm Springs

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO smoke damage sign Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO tackles all aspects of fire and smoke remediation in Palm Springs Homes

A fire in your Palm Springs home can be unsettling, to say the least. Safety concerns and keeping your family and pets safe from the aftermath are the main priority, but reversing fire damage requires quick action. Although visually, your attention may focus on eliminating soot and debris leftover from the accident, a comprehensive fire remediation job includes paying close attention to the acrid smell left behind by the smoke and eliminating it too.

To tackle all aspects of fire restoration in Palm Springs, call SERVPRO and let us take care of it. We are available around the clock to perform the initial assessment of the damage and set the stage for a successful remediation process. We begin by ensuring everyone’s safety, leveraging personal protective equipment, and defining different zones in your home where we can stage cleanup and avoid spreading the damage. Upon arrival, we also determine how the flames and ashes traveled and the characteristics of burnt surfaces. This information helps us decide on cleaning solutions and prioritize our actions.

When harsh smells permeate every surface in your home and seem to emanate from your walls, we need to focus on neutralizing and killing smell particles. The change in temperature during the life of the fire allows odors to be trapped in porous materials and specific deodorization efforts are necessary. Among those, you may find:

  • Ultra-low volume foggers to disperse deodorizing solutions
  • Odor counteracting pellets to help neutralize smell molecules
  • Odor-sealing primers applied to your walls to seal the smell 

Regardless of your specific needs, our trained technicians at SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach are here to help. Call us at (561) 770-9914 and let us work for you until your home looks, feels, and smells “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration in Your Greenacres House Calls for a Professional

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Smoke can leave its mark far from the blaze. You can count on SERVPRO to completely restore your home.

SERVPRO Can Help You to Perform Fire Damage Repair in Your Greenacres Home

It is estimated that fires cause more than $25.5 billion in property damages every year. After the firefighters extinguish the fire, the restoration technicians bring homes back to their former glory.

SERVPRO has highly trained and well-equipped technicians who perform fire damage restoration Greenacre residences. We offer our services 24/7. Restoration follows the process outlined in the steps below:

  • Inspection and estimation
  • Deodorization of smoke odors
  • Restoration of fire-damaged structures
  • Restoration of fire-damaged contents
  • Pack-Outs

Inspection and Estimation

This process helps the SERVPRO technicians to get accurate measurements and descriptions for items that require cleaning, restoration, or a pack out. It also provides an inventory of unrestorable contents to the adjuster.

Deodorization of Smoke Odors

Our SERVPRO technicians can use air scrubbers to remove odors, gases, and airborne particles from the air. Air scrubbers work by drawing dirty indoor air through a series of filters, capturing gases, particles, and smells. They can then circulate clean air back into the area.

Restoration of Fire-Damaged Structures

Restoration involves cleaning affected structures to bring them back to preloss conditions while replacing those that have undergone irreparable damage. We can wet clean washable construction and use dry solvent cleaning agents on non-washable items. Our technicians determine the appropriate cleaning method that does not damage the surface of the material we are cleaning.

Restoration of Fire-Damaged Contents

SERVPRO technicians restore contents using dry cleaning, wet cleaning, spray, and wiping for materials that might get damaged if saturated with the cleaning agent. We can use immersion cleaning for contents that can withstand being dipped into a bath of the cleaning product.


Pack-Outs involve removing and transporting damaged contents to our facilities for thorough cleaning and restoration.

SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach has a 24/7 emergency response team ready to perform fire damage repairs in your home. Contact us at (561) 532-2770. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Can SERVPRO Clear Smoke Damage from Palm Beach Properties?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

duct vent debris and fire damage on roof SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup for Palm Beach properties. We clean the structure, HVAC system, and the contents.

We have surface and environmental cleaning approaches to preserve damaged Palm Beach residences.

Aging large homes can have many situations that allow for fire damage, from faulty wiring to kitchen flare-ups. When soot damage exists after these emergencies, our professionals quickly help with house fire clean-up.

Reducing the Circulation of Airborne Soot Particles

Creating a safer environment is vital to restoring fire damage in Palm Beach properties as soon as possible. Partially combusted materials produce soot and smoke particles that become aerosolized and move rapidly throughout the affected space. HEPA 500 air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators help trap harsh contaminants and assist in deodorization.

Treating Surfaces with Wet and Dry-Cleaning Approaches

Removing soot particles from surfaces involves a combination of cleaning approaches depending on the affected material and the composition of the soot damage. When surface cleaning with products is not effective, we can also try:

  • Dry ice pellet blasting
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Controlled demolition

Tracking Soot Migration Through the HVAC System

Soot can be an overwhelming presence when it is noticeable and accessible, but this can be an even more challenging hurdle when the migration of these effects deposit soot in harder-to-reach areas. Returns and vents can pull in soot and smoke particles to move these soils to several rooms of the house and leave the HVAC system coated as well. Our air duct cleaning team can work with HEPA vacuums and drill-powered brushes to clean affected areas. This process also improves IAQ indoor air quality.

Cleaning up after fire damage can often be a large undertaking and one of the greater restoration obstacles for experienced professionals like ours. With fast-spreading fire effects like odors, soot, and similar threats, the fast response of our SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach team is invaluable. We are ready to help 24/7 at (561) 588-9777.