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You Need Professionals to Mitigate Water Damage in Greenacres

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

Water spots on a white wall near a window Contact SERVPRO to restore your water damaged Greenacres property, "Like it never even happened."

Why do Greenacres Homeowners Trust SERVPRO with Water Damage Restoration? 

The water intrusion in residential buildings can be a traumatic event that can potentially disrupt lifestyle, creating stress and uncertainty. Professional restorers like SERVPRO can help you after a water damage incident to your Greenacres home by providing guidance and assistance to help you make the best decisions during these challenging times.  

SERVPRO is one of the few water damage restorers in Greenacres with a team certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our technicians adhere to the S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration recommended by the IICRC throughout the restoration process. Through a meticulously designed restoration plan, SERVPRO restorers ensure that your property is restored “Like it never even happened.”

What is Restorative Drying, and How is it Achieved? 

One of the most basic requirements of water damage restoration of your Greenacres home is to remove the water and dry the structure as quickly as possible. SERVPRO techs use a technique called restorative drying to achieve this goal. We work hard to restore water damaged contents and structural components rather than replacing them. The goal is to remove the water before it has a chance to cause irreparable damage.   

SERVPRO techs create a ‘drying goal’ to expedite and streamline the process of restorative drying. This goal is a set of conditions that the techs want to bring about in the water-damaged area of the building. Once the drying goal is reached, the environment is deemed 'dry.' Establishing a typical drying goal involves-

  • Taking moisture readings from dry, unaffected contents and structural components can serve as the 'dry standard.'
  • Taking moisture readings of affected structural components and contents and 
  • comparing them with the dry standard
  • The structure is deemed dry once the moisture content in the affected area matches the moisture content of the unaffected region.

In some instances, SERVPRO restorers even use normal equilibrium moisture content (EMC) to establish the drying goal. EMC is the moisture content of a material when it is dry in relation to the surrounding air in its environment. 

After establishing a drying goal, it is equally important to see if the restorative drying method being used is effective or not. Technicians continually monitor the moisture readings during the restoration process and compare the readings to see if the contents are drying. 

Equipment Used in Restorative Drying

SERVPRO techs use various equipment to speed up the restorative drying process. The basic principles of increasing the drying efficiency include:

  • Removing the excess moisture from the air 
  • Increasing the airflow across the wet materials 
  • Using heat to speed up evaporation

Techs use equipment called dehumidifiers to remove water vapor, lowering the humidity ratio of the air. The dehumidifiers are strategically placed in a water-damaged structure to replace the cold moisture-laden air with dry, warm air. We use several types of humidifiers, including conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers, in water restoration projects. 

Air movers increase airflow across wet materials, removing the layer of humid, cool air that slows the evaporation rate. The high-velocity airflow created by the air movers is introduced at the surface level, increasing the evaporation rate. SERVPRO techs use a strategic combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to create an optimal drying condition. 

With SERVPRO, you can always expect industry-leading quality and service. Irrespective of the size, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach at (561) 532-2770; we are available round the clock to answer your queries.

Fixing Water Damage to Carpeting in a Greenacres Home

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

leaking toilet SERVPRO water damage restoration services in Greenacres are second to none. Call now!

SERVPRO is the Answer to Water Restoration Needs in Greenacre

When appliances leak or pipes burst in a Greenacres residence, homeowners have to act quickly and determine what can be saved and what poses a threat. Without knowing the full capacity of the water remediation industry, it may be hard to make decisions, and the process may be costly and prolonged. The alternative- calling a professional team- is reasonable and helps anticipate complications due to the water incident.

To control water damage in Greenacres, placing a well-timed call to SERVPRO can make all the difference. Our staff trains to provide the most efficient solutions to water damage and to help minimize your losses as much as possible. Thanks to our expertise, we can help you prevent pitfalls in water restoration so damages don’t escalate and become even more costly.

A successful water remediation process includes water extraction with equipment of varying power. It also requires drying all surfaces and restoring humidity levels to normal. There are, however, some areas that the average homeowner may ignore, allowing items such as carpeting and flooring to suffer the consequences. Some issues to pay close attention to include-

 We may use weighted wands on portable extractors or compress the carpet fiber to squeeze out most of the water. When there is less moisture, the evaporation phase moves more quickly, thus mitigating damage to the carpets.

  • Delamination of flooring materials. This may not be immediate, so homeowners may overlook it until too late. Our team knows to detect risk factors and act accordingly.
  • Wet subfloors also pose a risk. Techniques such as drying mats help extract water lying dormant under your flooring materials.
  • Drying speed is also essential. Delays in the restoration process allow issues like mold to take hold and cause long-term problems.

SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach is your one-stop resource when unwanted water attacks your home. Call us at (561) 559-4591 and trust us to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Restoration for Greenacres Properties

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment Rely on skilled techs from SERVPRO deploying advanced drying equipment to mitigate and restore your Greenacres home

How Can SERVPRO Help After Water Damage?

Water damage is never an event a Greenacres homeowner expects to happen to their property. However, this is the most common call-out we receive. Because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, we mitigate the damage to the contents and structure. A rapid response by a local restoration company is the answer for our neighbors.

SERVPRO offers a full suite of services with the goal of getting your space clean, dry, and restored as quickly as possible. A water heater leaked resulting in water damage in a Greenacres home. The water soaked the utility closet and the adjoining carpeted hallway and bathroom. Our WRT water damage restoration technicians arrived soon after the call, inspected and scoped the standing water, and followed standard procedures for water removal.

Equipment Setup for Water Removal and Drying

  • Portable extractors with special wands for carpets and tile surfaces
  • Position air movers to enhance the evaporation rate
  • Set up LGR (low-grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers to capture the water vapor

The following morning, we returned and monitored the drying for several more hours using moistures meters and infrared camera imagery. Once we achieved the desired moisture content of about 11%, the affected rooms were now restored and ready for the day’s planned birthday party. Our technicians sprayed an anti-fungal deodorizer to reduce the likelihood of mold and eliminate odor.

We understand that a speedy response can mitigate the damage to the belongings and furnishings of our customers. We strive to preserve and restore water damaged assemblies and structural materials rather than expose our clients to costly bills and unnecessary demolition and build-backs. Our goal is to make the home appear “Like it never even happened.”

Trust SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach to restore your water damaged home to its preloss condition. We can help 24/7 by calling (561) 559-8997.

Researching Water Restoration Companies in Palm Springs Can Be Confusing

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO we do water extraction Water damage restoration is no easy task to handle. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment for every size of disaster.

SERVPRO supports the Palm Springs community by providing emergency water remediation services

Water intrusion in your home in Palm Springs can cause significant damage. Even when the aftermath of a broken pipe looks minor, you should always call a water restoration technician for an expert opinion. Drywall, flooring materials, and personal belongings can suffer as they soak up water and eventually lead to delamination, mold growth, and rotting of wood. Call a reputable company for assistance to get a clear understanding of what you are facing and the necessary actions to prevent escalation.

In Palm Springs, a search for water restoration companies leads you to SERVPRO and our team of experts. Because water remediation can be challenging and only worsens with time, we make ourselves available 24/7 to meet your needs. Not only are we insured and licensed, but our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the governing body in our industry. Upon our initial visit, we focus on limiting your exposure by setting up physical barriers and discarding items beyond repair. If needed, we also provide specialty drying services off-site, which occur while we work in your home.

Our SERVPRO team targets efficiency and speed. We can restore normal humidity levels and return your home to mint condition by using specialized drying equipment. To do so, we may use equipment such as:

  • Industrial-grade dehumidifiers to extract water
  • Air movers to improve airflow and encourage evaporation
  • Pumps to remove larger volumes of water

Our team of experts is equipped with monitoring tools to measure our progress and make necessary adjustments. We can also take care of some repairs, such as controlled demolition and drywall replacement.

At SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach, we want to be your resource for all you need during the water restoration process. Call us at (561) 770-9914 and let us leave your Palm Springs home “Like it never even happened.”

Can Water Damage Restoration Save Clothing for Greenacres Homeowners

1/27/2022 (Permalink)

ceiling leak into bucket If you have a leak, let the professionals at SERVPRO handle it for you.

SERVPRO of Greenacres Can Help with your Water Damage Restoration

A water intrusion can play havoc with your home and belongings. Most household items are not designed to face consistent exposure to moisture. The impact of water exposure can lead to color fading, spot marking, shrinkage, or mold growth. Technical equipment is required to stem the damage caused by water intrusion, referred to as mitigation. While owning or renting the necessary equipment may seem prudent, considerable technical knowledge is required to operate water restoration equipment correctly. SERVPRO uses trained and experienced technicians to help mitigate losses for homeowners. Our team is capable of assisting with:

  • Water damage
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Appliance malfunction

Performing water damage restoration in Greenacres can help to reduce losses. The restoration process usually takes place after assessment and mitigation. It is generally more financially efficient to restore water exposure items than replace them. Our team can perform professional carpet cleaning, upholstery restoration, and contents cleaning for your home. By enacting tried and tested cleaning methods, we can often return items to a pre-incident condition. Some of the ways we use may require us to transport items in bulk to a storage facility where they can be treated, drycleaned, and returned to you. Some of the contents cleaning services we employ are:

  • Immersion cleaning using ultrasonic sound waves to deep-clean dense materials like precious metals or plastics.
  • Esporta mechanical washing suspends items and uses high-pressure water jets to remove grime.
  • We can digitally inventory your belongings in a DryBook, noting the condition and position in the home to keep track of your items during moving. 

Water exposure can permanently damage your belongings. Contact SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach for water damage restoration at (561) 532-2770.

Restoration and Repair After a Plumbing Leak in Palm Beach Properties

9/19/2021 (Permalink)

cast iron pipe burst, water spewing Contact SERVPRO to restore your water damaged Palm Beach property, "Like it never even happened."

Our experienced team recovers your damaged Palm Beach home when water damage gets discovered.

A situation as simple as a leaking plumbing connection could have widespread effects on one of the many large houses and smaller modern single-family properties in the neighborhood. When pressure regulators in the house fail or air gets in the line unexpectedly, the pressure can strain weak connections and leak to leaks and even bursts.

Controlled Demolition to Access the Breach

One of the first objectives for this type of water damage in Palm Beach homes is to access the damaged area of the plumbing. While shutting off water to the house can be done from places like the crawlspace, the drywall must still be removed to access the specific portion of the compromised pipe. We have a general contractor license to perform this controlled demolition where necessary. We understand that many homes have outdated plumbing that must be repaired or replaced as the situation dictates.

Water Removal and Cleanup

Prolonged leaks in the house can leave the most directly exposed areas contending with standing water and pooling. When caught early, this standing water does not typically exceed an inch or two, which can get managed quickly with wet vacuums, squeegee wands, carpet wands, and towels.

Thorough Drying Solutions Protect Aging Building Materials

Drying is one of the final restoration obstacles for homes and businesses after water damage. Because water does more than puddle on the surface of materials, more than air movers and dehumidifiers are often necessary to overcome the effect. Our team can also use special equipment like:

  • Low-profile centrifugal air movers
  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Floor drying mats

Whether the repairs and reconstruction are needed after water damage or the comprehensive restoration solutions our SERVPRO of Central Palm Beach provides, we are ready 24/7 to help. Call us today at (561) 588-9777.